Blue's Clues & You! at Eccles Theater

Blue's Clues & You! Tickets

The George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Theater

Global favorite Nickelodeon children's TV show Blue's Clues & You! is coming to life on stage at theaters across the country. 'Blue's Clues & You! Live on Stage' is bringing Josh and Blue's problem-solving adventures on a "Broadway-inspired" production. Going on a fifty-city trek, the show is stopping by at Eccles Theater on Wednesday, 16th of November 2022. It's time to take those kiddos to skiddo on an adventure of a lifetime where they'll be singing, dancing, laughing, and having the time of their lives with Josh, Blue, and her friends at Blue's Clues & You! Live on Stage. Get your tickets now!

Blue's Clues & You! at Eccles Theater

The global children's favorite puppy, Blue, and her live-action partner host, Josh, are heading to the live stage across the country on a live stage tour spanning fifty cities. Blue's Clues & You! Live on Stage is coming right over at Eccles Theater on November 16th. The show promises an 'epic new adventure' where Josh, Blue, and friends solve Blue's clues as they skidoo to places of wonder.

Promising a 'Broadway-style song and dance production, audiences can expect creatively crafted puppets and puppetry techniques, and beautiful scenic and production design that complements the show's new original adventure along with a lineup of their favorite songs and some new ones in the roster. The production features a new story crafted by Blue's Clues' very own co-creator, Angela Santomero.

"Blue’s Clues is a beloved show that has captivated children for generations," shared tour producer Stephan Shaw. "We are honored and excited to be bringing such iconic characters to the stage in a riveting, engaging production that the whole family will enjoy."

Pam Kaufman of Paramount says that the show "brings an exciting original story to life through unique elements, dynamic staging and original music compositions that will have the audience out of their seats dancing and singing along from beginning to end,"

As an 'epic new adventure', Blues Clues & You Live on Stage brings the joy of solving problems though an adventure of singing, dancing, and laughing off of the TV screens and onto the live stage as the kiddos get to skiddo along with the beloved puppy herself.

Though families and kids love the one and only Josh Dela Cruz who is the live-action host of the TV series, Blues Clues & You!, the producers have casted a dynamic stage performer who'll play the role of "Josh" at Blues Clues & You! Live on Stage at theaters across the country.

Don't miss out on Blue and friends making a rainbow with MAGENTA, a music video with RAINBOW PUPPY, floating into outer space, and many more that comes to life outside of your TV screens at Blue's Clues & You Live on Stage by booking those tickets now!

Blue's Clues & You! at Eccles Theater

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