Daniel Howell at Eccles Theater

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The George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Theater

Global-favorite English comedian who rose to global acclaim on YouTube, Daniel Howell, is back stronger than ever, set for global domination after just announcing his comeback world tour, the 'We're All Doomed! End of the… World Tour'. After a few years of stepping back from YouTube, Howell surprised fans with a new video explaining why he quit YouTube a few years back, and then making the big announcement of his comeback tour after. This time around, Howell is stronger than ever and excited for the next chapter of his life. Join the one and only Daniel Howell in celebrating this milestone and a new chapter in his life at the We're All Doomed! Tour happening at Eccles Theater on Sunday, November 20th of 2022 by booking your tickets now!

Daniel Howell at Eccles Theater

The English comedian Daniel Howell gained his massive prominence through his YouTube channel Daniel Howell (formerly danisnotonfire) which has over 6.1 million subscribers to date. His work with Phil Lester including their channel DanAndPhilGAMES and their book Dan and Phil Go Outside, also received acclaim. After some years of stepping away from the platform, Howell surprised fans with a new video named "Why I Quit YouTube" where he explained the challenges he faced when it came to his mental health and other factors that came along amidst the height of his online fame. With the past put aside, Daniel Howell is finally back – stronger than ever, on a mission to live his life to the fullest – before the world ends.

There's no other way to celebrate and kickstart that quest but to embark on the 'We're All Doomed! End of the… World Tour".

"We’ve got the climate, capitalism, the bloody bees doing a colony collapse and the Alexa’s are definitely going to rebel and kill us. If we can’t laugh about these things, we might as well give up ..but don’t worry I’m sure everything will be fine," Howell shared.

With the man's big surprise comeback on the interweb, he's set to meet his loving fans across the globe on his big new tour where you can expect him to bring his signature charm, humor, anecdotes, and call-outs to capitalist companies for our doom, Dan is set to live this new chapter of his life to the fullest – that is with the people who were always there for him through ups and downs, his fans.

"I wanted to change. Something new, something different, something inspiring, something where it’s not just me by myself, talking about myself. New people, new challenges, new experiences. And now that I’ve finally come out, I can be real and actually enjoy this crazy f*cking life cuz I’m free to just be me." said Howell.

Howell is a proud ambassador for Young Minds – a UK mental health charity.

So, don't miss out on Daniel Howell's big live show comeback by booking your tickets now!

Daniel Howell at Eccles Theater

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